10 Interesting Things to Do in Kos

10 Interesting Things to Do in Kos

After Rhodes, the Kos Island is the most popular in the Dodecanese island chain, and equally inviting, especially when it comes to things to do and see. Some of the landmarks of the main town and port, as well as those found in nearby villages, are simply fascinating. Because the island is rich in places of interest, we attempt to cover a diverse range of attractions, to satisfy a broader audience.

1. Roman Odeon of Kos

We are begging the journey with the Roman Odeon of Kos, unearthed by Italian archaeologist Laurenzi in 1929. It dates from the 2nd century A.D, and today is used to host live cultural events in the summer. You can visit it any time though: it is located in the Ancient Town of Kos, in an archaeological complex that also includes a gymnasium and the Roman baths. Archaeological finds and statues from the site are currently on display at the Archaeological Museum of Kos.

2. Natural Park of Zia Village

If you would rather enjoy the fresh mountain air, and beautiful vistas of lush green, visit the Natural Park of Zia. It is an oasis of peace, where animals roam free, and peacocks display their stunning feathers all over the place. You can rest for a while in a hammock, feed the animals, or just have a snack at the bar. This is a destination for the whole family.

Kos Natural Park of Zia

3. See the kids on the hillside above Kos Town

Kids (as in young goats) can be found all over the island, but if you want to see their playful daily routines and you are somewhere near Kos Town, you do not have to travel far. See them on the hillsides of Katafigio Agrias Zois Ag. Fokas – Psalidi: go hiking and enjoy beautiful views, and the specific flora and fauna of this region.

4. See Antimachia and its Castle

Just 23 km from the town of Kos, in the center of the island, you will find Antimachia, a destination that attracts hundreds of visitors with its Venetian castle. It belonged to the order of the Knights of St. John, and it dates from the 14th century AD. The town boasts other interesting landmarks, including the traditional House of Antimachia museum, in the village square, showcasing various tools, traditional furniture and old appliances.

House of Antimachia
House of Antimachia by kevgibbo, aka – CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

5. Enjoy a swim in the Thermal Springs of Kos

Only 14 km from your Astir Odysseus, you will find the thermal springs of Agios Fokas, right on the beach, coming from a crack in a rock, and mixing with the waves that crush on the shores in a sizable sea pool. They tend to get pretty crowded during the high season, but a trip there is still worth it for the health benefits of swimming in the springs: increased blood circulation and cell oxygenation; stimulating the secretions of the intestinal tract and the liver; stimulating the immune system; helping with physical and mental relaxation; helping in treating injuries and skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis; and much more.

6. Visit a local vineyard

The Triantafyllopoulos vineyard rests at the heart of the island on the undulating hills of Zipari. They produce a wide variety of wines, including Malagouzia, Dikayos, Syrah, and others.

wines Triantafyllopoulos winery

7. Visit Konidario and its countryside

Konidario happens to be an important archaeological site of Kos, however, we are not dealing with Roman ruins here. The remains of a settlement from the Ottoman period still stand here, and, if you would rather enjoy time in the beautiful countryside, surrounded by nature, the forest of Koniario is a protected area, but it has recreational sites, playground, hiking paths, and more.

8. Hike to the summit of Mount Dikaios

Mount Dikaios (also called Oromedon) is the highest mountain on the island, and an interesting attraction, not only for hikers who enjoy the views from the summit, but also for history and archaeology buffs, and for people interested in religion. A Greek Orthodox temple to the Metamorphosis of Christ the Savior can be found here, on a site believed to have been occupied by a prehistoric temple dedicated to Zeus.


9. See the ancient Hippocrates sanatorium

Because no trip to Kos is complete without a visit to the ancient Hippocrates sanatorium, don’t miss this famous landmark. Located on four elevated terraces, the Asklepeion’s marbles staircases, the promontory overlooking the village of Anatolia below, affords a sort of healing remedy all its own. The Asklepeion of Kos was not only a renowned Hellenic medical center, but also the temple of the god Asklepios. The site functioned for over 1,000 years before finally falling into disrepair owing to earthquakes and man made disasters.

Kos Asklepeion

10. Enjoy fantastic cuisine at Argo Waterfront Taverna

You don’t have to be a guest of the fantastic Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa to enjoy dining at our flagship Argo Waterfront Taverna. Just drop in for seasonal dishes that remain true to the Greek roots of the restaurant, albeit recreated with French and Italian influences for the contemporary gourmand. The food is the greatest asset of Argo Waterfront Taverna, as it should be, but the location is second to none: as the name of our restaurant suggests, we offer you dining with a view. The deep, blue waters of the Aegean stretch at the horizon, with untold legends of Greek deities – a romantic setting, perfect to celebrate with that someone special in your life. You are surrounded by nature and its mysterious murmur, as the breeze brings untold tales of sailors and sirens from afar.