5 Scenic Places for Your Wedding Photography on Kos

5 Scenic Places for Your Wedding Photography on Kos

The island of Kos is an epic wedding photography opportunity whether you are an amateur attending the ceremonies or the professional shooting for the bride and groom. Kos is famous for its ancient temples and churches to get hitched in, but there’s not as much mention about wedding photography. With your perfect Kos wedding photo op in mind, here are 5 stunning locations to help create that lifelong memory you both deserve.

Antimachia Castle

This stunning Venetian castle set on a plateau in the center of the island looks out over Antimachia Village. Built back in the 14th-century by the Order of the Knights of St. John, the castle is also famous for the churches inside, and for being a stunning backdrop for wedding photography. The walls of the fortress are in excellent condition – offering many enticing photo-worthy details. A bride posing in her sparkling dress with this background behind her will definitely look like a vision from a fairy tale.

Traditional Windmill Of Antimachia

Another photo op for newlyweds is this famous windmill just a short 20 minutes drive from Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa. This icon of the island’s history traces its origins back to the 19th-century. Recently restored to its former glory, the windmill is a romantic Greek setting for stunning wedding photography. Couples who choose this location should also know that the venue is a working museum. The owners are friendly and helpful. They even have a donkey, which can make a great subject for the more creative photographers.

Hippocrates Plane Tree

This Kos icon sits in the center of the island in front of the famous Castle of Knights. Legend has it that Hippocrates taught his students beneath the tree around the 5th-century B.C. Today you’ll find images of newlyweds photographed beneath the famous tree almost anytime you see pictures of a Kos wedding. The setting is not necessarily worthy for aesthetics, as the metal enclosure protecting the natural monument is kind of an eyesore. But a talented photographer can definitely put the couple in the best light, giving them something to treasure, while also paying homage to one of Kos’s most beloved landmarks.

Nerantzia Castle

This famous castle was the most important fortification constructed by the Knights Templar on Kos. Built during the 14th-century, the fortress takes its name for the many sour orange trees the region is famous for. This is another Kos landmark that has witnessed a score of wedding photo sessions over many decades. It has many striking features and architectural details that can only enhance the beauty of your wedding pictures.

Kefalos Beach


One of Greece’s most striking wedding destinations, Kefalos Beach is covered with fine white sand dipping into the crystal aquamarine seas off Kos. The ruins of the ancient city that once stood here are also a gorgeous backdrop for newlyweds year round. Beach weddings have been all the rage for years now, and there’s no place more suited to being a tapestry to paint memories on photographically. Sure, most Koan beaches offer such pristine backdrops to celebrate the beginning of your happily ever after.