Archaeological Museum Reopened on Kos

Archaeological Museum Reopened on Kos

The Archaeological Museum of Kos was closed four years for renovations and reopened last Semptember (2016) with a carefully curated collection that showcases the history of the island, covering its most important eras, archeological finds, personalities, and art.

The museum is housed in a 1936 landmark building in Eleutherias Square, a monument from the Italian occupation era (1912-1943).

The Archaeological Museum of Kos (AMK) is now one of the most interesting attractions on the island, and a must see when you stay at Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa. The building occupied by the museum is an attraction in its own right, and an architectural monument that integrates well within the urban landscape of Kos Town. The edifice is a valuable example of Italian influence of fascist monumental architecture on typical Dodecanese architecture. The permanent collection features sculptures, mosaics, and objects discovered on the island from the Hellenistic until the Histeroromanic years.

In the atrium on the ground floor of the museum, you will first see a polychrome floor mosaic depicting the arrival of Asclepiou in Kos Island from the House of Asclepius and seven ancient statues discovered in a Kos city villa, House of the “Rape of Europa,” 3rd c. BC – 3rd c. AD. The statues represent Dionysus, Asclepius and his daughter Hygeia, Hermes, Artemis, and two Roman women. Left of the atrium you will find a gallery showcasing sculptures discovered on the site of the Roman Odeon, as well as figurines discovered at other archeological sites around the island. The northern gallery is filled with excellent late archaic art, sepulchral sculptures, statues of Dimitra, Kore, and Athena, and the Hellenistic statues of Venus, Nymphs, and Fortune.

The upper floor is dedicated to the Koan history from Neolithic through Roman times through objects discovered at Serayia. This is where you will also admire a large collection of Koan pottery, carbonized figs, and other interesting items that depict the lifestyle and customs of ancient Kos. More details about the Archaeological Museum of Kos are available here.

Address: Eleutherias Square, 85300, Kos
Open Tue-Sun: 8:30-15:00
Mondays: closed
Admission: 3€ full price, 2€ discounted price
Tel: +30 22420 28326