Argo Waterfront Taverna: Greek Inspiration Meets Italian and French Flavors

Argo Waterfront Taverna: Greek Inspiration Meets Italian and French Flavors

There’s a new season at Argo Waterfront Taverna, and with every new season, you can expect a new menu, but one that remains true to the Greek roots of the restaurant, albeit French and Italian influences are obvious.

The new menu beckons with four tantalizing sets, with robust dishes, cooked with great gusto: it’s hard to choose, especially if you look at the happy diners around you. At a table, someone may dig into a limoncello Crème Brûlée, the crowning dessert of the forth set menu; at another table, a family may be slicing though the rosy sautéed Duck fillet, which bathes in delicious orange sauce, served with caramelized pumpkin and buttered broccoli, all looking so delicious, that you are almost tempted to lean over and swipe a bite off their plate.

The cooking is modern and light, a perfect match for the al fresco dining experience that is Argo Waterfront Taverna. If anything, the lobster bisque starter of the first set menu, served with with basil, cream caviar and paprika crostini with cheese, will convert you. Each item on this menu was carefully designed to harmonize with the previous, or with the next.

You’ll have a traditional Kakavia fish soup in the second set menu if you are craving for Greek flavors, followed by grilled salmon in a crust of herbs, with Striftouri Greek pasta, on a bed of fennel confit, with a spacial Ouzo and fish roe sauce, plus eggplant mousse: a true symphony of unexpected flavors.

The third set menu, inspired by Italian traditions, features a finger-licking delicious lamb Osso Bucco – the star of this combo of foods, all prepared from scratch, with fresh ingredients, handled with subtlety and grace.

The food is the greatest asset of Argo Waterfront Taverna, as it should be, but the location is second to none: as the name of our restaurant suggests, we offer you dining with a view. The deep, blue waters of the Aegean stretch at the horizon, with untold legends of Greek deities – a romantic setting, perfect to celebrate with that someone special in your life. You are surrounded by nature and its mysterious murmur, as the breeze brings untold tales of sailors and sirens from afar.