Astir Odysseus Corporate Social Responsibility 2021: Contributing to the Local Community

Astir Odysseus Corporate Social Responsibility 2021: Contributing to the Local Community

Astir Odysseus Resort & Spa commits to be a force for growth and inclusion on the island where it is based. Kos is a small community – about 30500+ people live on the island, many of them struggling to find jobs. In addition, local farmers need support to thrive and continue growing the quality products we use in our kitchen. Craft artisans, goods manufacturers, builders, and other service providers need help too. Finally, we want to support local small businesses and raise awareness for local culture, traditions, and customs. These are the concrete steps we follow to contribute to the local community on the island of Kos.

Employ Qualified Local Staff

We advertise locally to hire staff with hospitality skills, people who otherwise would need to relocate to other islands for the duration of the summer season. We offer competitive pay and a friendly, inclusive, and safe working environment free of bias and respecting human rights.

Support Local Suppliers

We purchase the bulk of our goods from local suppliers to support the local economy. We favor ethical suppliers committed to sustainability, who manufacture goods in a manner that reduces the environmental impact, respecting water and other natural resources. We value farmers and producers who strive to minimize waste by implementing recycling other waste-reduction methods.

Promote Local Businesses

We partner with local businesses to support their growth and well-being and benefit our guests by informing them about everything they need to know to enjoy their vacation on Kos island to the fullest. For this, we offer information at the reception when guests need it, maintain an informative blog, and send newsletters with information about local shopping, dining, entertainment, touring, attractions, activities, car hire, and more.

Promote Local Customs and Traditions

Kos is an island with a rich past, which influenced its culture, lifestyle, traditions, and customs. We aim to bring these values in front of our guests, either through events at the hotel or by informing them about local festivals all over the island.

Volunteer for a Better Life

Our staff participates in all kinds of volunteer and community service activities – for example, blood donation in cooperation with the Hospital of Kos.

Nurture Vulnerable Groups

We actively support vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, especially in times of need, by donating bedding, clothing, and food. The well-being of disadvantaged people is essential for the long-term stability and success of any community.

Our staff is impassioned in showing support for the local community on the island of Kos. Contributing to its welfare is a core value of our corporate social responsibility for 2021 and beyond.