Astir Odysseus Spa – A Gift to Yourself

Astir Odysseus Spa – A Gift to Yourself

The spa at Astir Odysseus Resort & Spa is an oasis of tranquility – the place where you reward yourself with a massage or spa treatment that will allow you to escape the heat of the summer, the tourist crowds, and all your worries. It is a space of pampering through more than repose: all your senses awaken to trigger positive sensations in your body and a sense of balance in your mind.

You can step into this temple for well-being to relax in the jacuzzi, to break a serious sweat at the sauna – followed by a refreshing dip in our indoor pool, or relish a deluxe spa treatment in one of the treatment rooms. No less than 22 carefully put-together treatments and massages are on the spa menu developed by Aegeo Spas. And, you can continue your spa experience in your room, and even at home, with products from the Aegeo Spas signature Spa Memories collection.

Most of the spa menu offered at the Astir Odysseus spa by Aegeo Spas follows techniques and rituals of ancient Greek traditions described in old books. The use of natural ingredients and fragrances will take you on a journey of the senses to every corner of Greece. The signature Aegeo Spas treatments will bring you to a state of deep relaxation and dreamlike euphoria that will make you feel like a Greek goddess or god for a while.

We clustered the spa treatments into collections to help you choose what you need the most to pamper yourself.


This is where it all begins: allow us to rebalance your mind, body, and spirit to prepare you for the ultimate vacation on Kos island. There are three options to choose from:

  1. Bronzing Experience: Get a quick, long-lasting body tan to travel around Kos like the sun has kissed your skin long before your arrival. We’ll finish up with Cretan olive oil, herbs, and aloe vera to enhance this treatment.
  2. Cretan Herbs Experience: A spa treatment with Cretan dictamnus and sage will have the cleansing and detoxifying effect you need to stimulate blood circulation and achieve naturally soft skin.
  3. Silky Body Experience: Choose this 25 minutes treatment for silky-soft skin and a beautiful natural glow.


Combos are the spa experiences that make the most out of nature’s best ingredients to bring back radiance and comfort to your body. Choose one of two relieving treatments:

  1. Aloe Vera Experience: Using Cretan aloe vera, our skilled spa therapists will treat your skin to remove irritation and return it to its natural radiant complexion. Your skin will feel soft and thoroughly moisturized.
  2. Mud Renewal: With minerals beneficial for your body, this treatment relieves muscle aches and tightness while rejuvenating your skin’s natural complexion. We recommend this treatment for people suffering from rheumatism, tendinitis, joint pain, and skin conditions like psoriasis and others.

Face Experiences

Your face deserves as much pampering as your body, if not more. The spa facials by Aegeo Spas are based on the belief that your face reflects the beauty of your soul. This is why there are seven different options to choose from to give your face the care it deserves.

  1. Face, Neck, and Back Massage: A relaxing massage that will not only relieve tension in your neck and upper back but also revitalize your skin and reduce fatigue.
  2. Rejuvenate Massage: Get rid of the puffiness or dark circles under your eyes with a lymphatic drainage massage that stimulates microcirculation.
  3. Hydrating Face Massage: This massage uses avocado for Chania in Crete and Cretan extra virgin olive oil to remoisturize your facial skin.
  4. Kobido Face Massage: The ancient Kobido face massage involves unique rituals and bespoke products for your face tyle to stimulate blood circulation, oxygenate tissues, smooth away wrinkles, and nourish your skin.
  5. Black Lava: You will have smooth, clean, shine-free skin after this black lava facial.
  6. Ice Effect Massage: This massage will restore the firmness of your face. It uses blueberries from Drama (East Macedonia and Thrace), which have high antioxidant properties, bringing back your face’s natural radiance.
  7. Men’s Face Massage: A massage with natural cosmetics for men to moisturize the skin, reduce wrinkles, and relax.

Body Experiences

Choose from eight body spa treatments and massages that will re-energize and re-vitalize your body while leaving your skin soft and glowing. In addition, massages have therapeutic effects, relieving tension and promoting skin detox. You may have your massage in one of the spa treatment rooms or al fresco, by the beach.

  1. Cretan Massage: This massage combines unique Cretan ingredients – like Cretan olive oil, raki, and orange extract – and traditional techniques to invigorate body and mind.
  2. Back, Neck, and Scalp Massage: Let us relieve your everyday stress and tension with a massage that targets the naggiest problem zones: the back and neck. Massaging the scalp promotes relaxation and further alleviates stress, easing migraine and headache pain.
  3. Antistress Massage: Lavender from Kozani (West Macedonia) makes this gentle body massage truly special. You will feel relaxed and fully rested.
  4. Deep Tissue Massage: This is a vigorous treatment meant to relieve muscle ache and stiffness for active travelers or after a workout at the gym.
  5. Foot Massage: The foot massage improves microcirculation and reduces pain after long walks and not only. It also promotes better sleep and will improve your mood. You will feel relaxed and ready to walk a thousand miles.
  6. Ancient Greek Massage: For the authentic Greek experience and a trip back in time, choose this deep-pressure massage bases on traditional techniques that originated during the Olympic games of ancient Greece.
  7. Body Sculpture Massage: A slimming and firming massage that reduces enlarged pores on lax skin on your body and legs. It uses massage oil infused with a red grape extract from Kavala (East Macedonia and Thrace).
  8. Tailor-made Massage: A massage customized to your needs and desires: let our therapists know what you want, and you will have a bespoke spa experience.

Signature Experiences

We saved the best for last: the unique, signature spa packages created by Aegeo Spas to make you feel like royalty and take you on a journey of the sense to all the corners of Greece. These spa packages are so exceptional that there are only two options to choose from:

  1. Aegeo Spa Ritual: Close your eyes, free your mind, and let your imagination travel far, far away, with the Greek gods on the waves of the Aegean Sea to the farthest corners of Greece.
  2. Aphrodite and Apollo: The ultimate couples’ experience at the Astir Odysseus spa by Aegeo Spas, this ritual draws upon Greek legends to bring back to life the myths of  Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, and Apollo, the god of light and healing.

So, give yourself a gift of wellness, relaxation, and absolute bliss with a spa package during your stay at Astir Odysseus Resort & Spa.