Catch the Last Summer Sun on Kos in October

Catch the Last Summer Sun on Kos in October

Although according to the calendar October is an autumn month, on Kos, is the last month of the summer. The average temperature highs stay around 22ºC in October, with more rain than September, yet the weather is pleasant enough especially for travelers who enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities that are uncomfortable under the hot summer sun from June to August.

Most businesses are still open on the island in October, and Kos town has plenty to see, plus shops to explore. In Tigaki, the windiest side of the island, the weather may feel cooler than in other parts, but pleasant for horseback riding around Alikes, the salt lake that is a favorite area for flamingos from November to March. But sometimes, the birds can also be observed in late October and since they are not the only visitors to the lake, you can count on seeing other birds, like herons. Alikes is a wonderful place for birdwatching, and if you have a good camera, you will be able to capture the winged creatures without difficulty.

Horseback Riding on Kos

If the weather is not great to allow you to explore the island hiking, cycling, or horseback riding, you can always rent a car, as the fees drop in October. Drive around to find a quaint village with a typical tavern, and enjoy authentic Greek cuisine without tourist fuss. Or, a visit at the Plateia Eleftherias Archaeology Museum can be an equally rewarding experience. Like most significant attractions on the island, the museum boasts a section dedicated to the father of medicine, including a 4th century BC marble statue of Hippocrates. You will find the museum in a small Italian-era building in the central square. Of note is also the mosaic floor in the first room. Closed on Mondays, so plan carefully.

Address: Eleutherias Square, 85300, Kos
Open Wed-Mon: 8:00-20:00
Tuesdays: closed
Admission: €6 full price, €3 discounted price
Tel: +30 22420 28326

Archaeological Museum of Kos

Car rental is recommended also if you want to see more of the island in a short time. Sunbathing is no longer a favorite pastime, but with the tourist crowds gone, you can capture the true spirit of the place on camera. Here are some of the best, most scenic beaches of Kos.

Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa is great in October if you want a relaxing vacation far from the stress of daily routines. Our spa offers a variety of treatments to rejuvenate your skin and to lift your spirits. Besides, we have attractive discounted prices for our luxury rooms and suites in October.

Aegeo Spa in Astir Odysseus pool

October is also ideal for a boat trip to Nisyros, a volcanic isle with a rich history, reflected by archaeological remains, but also by traditions and culture. Nisyros also boasts over 40 trails of special geological or cultural interest. The architectural style of the buildings on the island is noteworthy for the Nisyrian house, and the main landmark here is Stefanos, the volcano, which has the largest hydrothermal crater in the world. If you seek architectural landmarks, you should visit the Paliokastro fortress, which stands above the main town and port of the island, Mandraki. And speaking of Mandraki, this is also the destination if you want to enjoy the hot springs of Nisyros.

Nisyros Mandraki

As you see, October is an active month on Kos. There are many things to do and see. We are always happy to help our guests with a custom plan of activities.