Christmas on Kos: Charming Activities for Your Winter Holiday

Christmas on Kos: Charming Activities for Your Winter Holiday

If you spend Christmas on Kos you will find the island peaceful and serene, with people enjoying traditions and life without the madding tourist crowds.

Vacationers who want to spend their Christmas on Kos should know that Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa is closed for the winter season, but there are some other hotels open for the holidays, and they are easy to find with a Google hotel search or on and other hotel booking sites. Although we are closed, we are happy to recommend Christmas and seasonal activities to inspire your Christmas on Kos Island. Here are five of the most interesting things to do in Kos town around Christmas time:

Shop at the Christmas Bazaar

In the framework of the Winter Hippocrates of 2017-18, the Municipal Organization of Culture, Sports, and Nurseries of Municipality of Kos will organize a Christmas Bazaar on Sunday, December 3, 2017. The bazaar is an excellent occasion for visitors to mingle with the locals, to purchase Christmas decorations, arts and crafts, as well as to taste local treats, sweets and drinks, that are specific for this time of the year. The bazaar is organized like a Christmas market. Besides selling goods, the bazaar will also feature entertainment for all ages, a carousel, and trampoline for the little ones, plus many other games and surprises. Santa will visit the market too, and the little ones can sit on Santa’s lap to take pictures. The Christmas market is set on the square in front of the Agora.

Kos Christmas bazaar

See the St. Nicholas procession in Eleftherias Square

The St. Nicholas procession in the heart of Kos is an Orthodox tradition that takes place every year on December 6 on the main street from Eleftherias Square to the Church of St. Nicholas. While most shops are closed on this day, which is a legal holiday, there are cafes and restaurants that stay open, even with seating outdoors. The square is festively decorated with a huge Christmas tree and a Santa figurine. The procession of St. Nicholas attracts hundreds of believers who line around the square and along the streets to see the priest bearing the icon of St. Nicholas, patron saint of sailors, on the way to the church.

Eat Christopsomo

Christopsomo, or the “bread of Christ,” is a traditional Christmas treat flavored with Anise. It is a sweet bread and it will not be missing from any Greek home during this holiday season. It is considered sacred by the Orthodox believers. Here’s a link to a recipe adapted by Martha Stewart, but if you are on Kos don’t miss the opportunity to taste the original. The bread is often decorated with a cross and elements that depict the maritime history of the island. Many bakeries serve delicious Christmas treats too. For example, To Special – Σταύρος Αρβανιτάκης also offers custom cakes for every occasion, sandwiches, teas and coffee, punch, and more.

There are many other interesting things to do in the Christmas season on Kos, including attending the Christmas Eve Service to see an authentic Orthodox tradition at its finest and to catch a glimpse of local lifestyle beyond the tourist guides.