Cycling on Kos: a Great Way to Discover the Island

Cycling on Kos: a Great Way to Discover the Island

Cycling is a great way to discover the island of Kos. This is one of the top pastimes for many Greek island holidaymakers because it is affordable and easily accessible.

Cycling is an opportunity for visitors of all ages to explore the stunning nature of Kos. Most of the island is fairly flat, but there are also itineraries suitable for mountain biking. There are numerous rental facilities all over the island enabling tourists to find the right bike for their skills and age. Even our hotel offers bicycle rentals for children and adults alike. There are also options to book a cycling tour with a local guide or to discover the island alone, following one of the many cycling routes available. You can also discover your favorite routes with a smartphone app like komoot.

Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa is located in close proximity to some of the best cycling routes of Kos. The popular 23km round-trip cycle route from Kos Town to Tingaki and up to the inland village of Zipari and back to start is great for people who want to experience both flat terrain and mountain biking. If mountain biking is not your thing, you can just follow the coastal bike path in both directions between Kos Town and Tigaki Beach.

These are not the only routes you can enjoy on Kos. In fact, Kos has a strong reputation as a “cycling island” due to a vast network of routes that traces its history back to when Kos was under Italian occupation when the island was a popular venue for cycling races.

Greece has recently launched a special program to allow active travelers who visit Greece and want to explore the country cycling a network of “bike-friendly” hotels that offer excellent conditions to satisfy their needs. The “Bike Friendly Hotel” initiative responds to the increasing cyclist tourism demand.