Day-trip to Telendos

Day-trip to Telendos

Telendos is ideal for a one-day excursion from Kos, as long as you’re willing to sacrifice some of your late morning sleep! You have to start early to get to Kalymnos first and then take a boat from Myrties to Telendos (it takes only 10’).

Telendos is a small island, surrounded by crystal blue waters. There is only one small village at the picturesque port of the island, but despite the size of the island there is a lot to explore, especially if you enjoy hiking.

There are two hiking routes which will take you around all the best sights the island has to offer.

The first route takes you to Agios Konstantinos. From the port, you follow the path to the north that goes parallel to the sea. A sign post will direct you to the early Christian church of Agios Konstantinos, built in the 7th century. The ascend is quite challenging, and it will take you approximately 1 hour to reach the church on mount Rahi. The view from here is literally breath-taking! Very close you’ll see the remains of the medieval settlement of Telendos. But the exploration doesn’t stop there. Continue for another 20 minutes walk to reach the beach below the church. Its pristine blue waters will be your reward!

The second, easier route takes you to the early Christian Necropolis of Telendos. On the left of the port, follow the dirt path that passes through the pine forest until you reach Tholaria, where the Early Christian Necropolis is situated. This is perhaps the most important archaeological site on the island: 9 almost intact vaulted tombs and the ruins of an arched early-Christian temple are found here.

It’s beach time! Next to the port there is a small beautiful beach to swim and relax under the shade of the tamarisks. On the west shore, Hohlakas is the only, somewhat organized beach of the island, with some umbrellas and loungers. North of the port, Potha beach is a nudist’s paradise. But the most scenic of all is Pnigmenos beach. Pnigmenos literally means “drowned man” in Greek, but despite its macabre name, this sandy beach is the perfect place to unwind in tranquility.

To finish a perfect day, choose one of the island’s fish taverns, right next to the sea, and taste fresh fish and seafood!