Have You Ever Planned a Kos Winter Holiday?

Have You Ever Planned a Kos Winter Holiday?

Although Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa in Tigaki closes for the winter, the island is still interesting for visitors who want to experience it “like a local.”

Kos is pleasantly quiet from October until March, and these are considered the colder months. Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa closes from mid-November until the beginning of the next summer season in 2018, but if you visit Kos, here are the things you should know.

December is the official start of the cold season with temperature averages around 10°C. The following months tend to be equally cold, and temperatures start to rise again in mid-March. Besides Kos town, where you will find some museums, shops, cafes, and restaurants still open, the island is sleepy and tranquil. The sea, however, is spectacular, with high waves crashing against the shores with intensive thuds. Now is the time to take in the true spirit of the place, by observing the purity of the landscape in its lethargic repose. The tourist hordes are gone, and you can finally see the real, unperturbed island, observing details that otherwise would be missed.

The island of Hippocrates has about 35000 permanent residents but welcomes over 1000000 tourists in summer months. When these are gone, the locals have time to relax, but they are still busy behind closed doors, with arts and crafts, planning their next-year businesses, tending to animals, or gathering together around the crackling fire to share stories and memories. If you happen to know some of the locals, you will be welcomed with open arms to family dining events that will leave a long, lasting impression in your heart. The people are genuine and hospitable and learning how they live is the experience that differentiates tourists from travelers.

There are also religious feasts kept in the villages of Kos, especially around important holidays, like St. Nichols. One of the most important takes place in Pyli on December 6, an event that you don’t want to miss if you want to see something authentic that celebrates the sacred traditions of the island, and of Greece. Or, in February, you can attend a diversity of carnival events.

In addition, the Municipality of Kos organizes a variety of cultural events during the colder months, including concerts, exhibitions, and even a theater festival in January.

Last, but not least, winter is the best time to book flights to Kos, to take advantage of “early bird” discounted prices.