Hippocrates Garden Cultural Center

Hippocrates Garden Cultural Center Must Be on Your Bucket List When You Visit Kos Island

To visit the Hippocrates Garden Cultural Center when you vacation on the Kos Island, you must drive to Mastichari – about 35 minutes by car from Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa.

And this cultural gem is worth the drive. It occupies a stupendous natural setting with generous greenery and dramatic mountain views, an idyllic ambiance to pursue all kinds of philosophical and spiritual matters. This is the purpose of the Hippocrates Garden Cultural Center after all.

The Hippocrates Garden Cultural Center revives the ancient Greek lifestyle of the 5th century B.C.

The Hippocrates Garden Cultural Center is a replica of an Ancient Greek Settlement of the 5th century B.C.

It boasts an ancient Greek house – oikos; a so-called “philosophers’ arcade;” and an amphitheater, aptly named Dancing Satyr’s Theater.

The oikos is an exact replica of an ancient Greek house with all its features: estia ( sitting room ), bathroom, kitchen, Andron (room of the men), the women room, and the room where women spent their time weaving. Besides the architectural elements of the house, all furnishings replicate ancient originals too.

The arcade houses an exhibition and the library open to the general public. It is also used to host a variety of cultural events indoors.

Finally, the Dancing Satyr’s Theater celebrates Greek culture through all kinds of live events under the skies.

A day at the Hippocrates Garden Cultural Center is an experience for the mind and for the soul. Visitors can admire the expansive gardens landscaped to honor the Greek way of life, with fragrant herbs, wild cedars, fruit-bearing trees, and vineyards. These are the natural resources that enable the Hippocrates Garden Cultural Center to produce all kinds of organic goods, including the famous hypericum oil, called also balsam oil.

The center organizes all kinds of cultural seminars every summer and they publish programs on their official website and on Facebook.