Kastri Islet: Charming Wedding Location and a Must See

Kastri Islet: Charming Wedding Location and a Must See

Kastri Islet, a lovely little stretch of land on the Aegean, and one of the most photographed landmarks when you visit Kos, is perfect for those who choose Kos to tie the knot.

It is the site of the iconic chapel of Agios Nikolaos, which was built on the site of a former temple dedicated to Poseidon. This is one of the most popular wedding locations in this part of Greece, a favorite for tourists and locals alike. The Kastri Islet was featured in the TV series “Nice Day for a Greek Wedding.”

Local companies organize elaborate wedding processions to the Kastri Islet, with beautifully decorated boats that carry the bride and the groom, together with the wedding party, to the islet for the religious ceremony. The boats sail across Kamari Bay, offering an experience that is romantic, fun, and purely Greek at the same time. The chapel of Agios Nikolaos, the protector of sailors, is colored in white and blue, the traditional colors for Greek churches.

The Kastri Islet is just across the marina of Kefalos, quite close to the coast. You can even swim to it from the beach of Kefalos if you don’t want to take a boat. The waters are safe, and if you are an experienced swimmer, this will be quite a fun activity during your stay on Kos island.

The Kastri Islet is rocky and relatively arid, although it has some vegetation. You can still see the remains of an old castle still standing on top of the rocks because the charming islet of Kastri was once a defense outpost meant to protect Kos against pirates and other enemies.

to summarize: the Kastri Islet is a charming wedding location, a great photo opportunity, and a destination for swimmers. It is also one of the most celebrated tourist landmarks for visitors to Kos. It is located 35 minutes drive from Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa.