Kos Natural Park in Zia Village Has a Small Zoo

Kos Natural Park in Zia Village Has a Small Zoo

If you visit our island with your little ones, or if you simply love nature and you want to spend some time in a beautiful setting, visit the Kos Natural Park in Zia Village.

The Zia Natural Park is set at the foothills of mount Dikaios. It is just a 20-30 minute drive from Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa and it is well worth the drive to enjoy a day of relaxation surrounded by nature. You can first visit the small zoo of the park, which features animals indigenous to the island, some domestic, like sheep, goats, donkeys, bunnies, geese, and ducks, and others wild like deer and turtles. Peacocks roam free all over the park. They are very friendly, and you are encouraged to feed them and other animals if you wish. Children will have fun observing the animals but also exploring the park.

Kos Natural Park Zoo

There is a playground right by the snack bar: you can sit and sip coffee, observing your children play in a safe environment. The bar serves herbal teas and traditional snacks, like sweet tomato, sweet eggplant, and Greek yogurt with honey. Herbs used to prepare teas at the bar come from the park, and can be observed as you explore its premises: mint, wild asparagus, wild roses, marjoram, sage, rosemary, and so on. You will also notice fig and pomegranate trees growing in the Zia Natural Park.

If you visit the park without kids, you can always stay till sunset for a breathtaking view. As you explore the park, you will notice special rest areas, where you can linger with a book. At the top of the park, there is a special resting area with hammocks for those who want to stay even longer. Binoculars installed in different spots around the Kos Natural Park in Zia Village allow for detailed views of the surrounding region.