Massive Overhaul at Kos International Airport Announced

Massive Overhaul at Kos International Airport Announced

Fraport Greece has announced massive construction works at the Kos International Airport, “Hippocrates” (IATA: KGS, ICAO: LGKO).

As 2017 recorded an increase of over 20% in passenger traffic and the forecast for the next years is more than optimistic, the Kos International Airport “Hippocrates” needs to expand to meet new demands.

“To support Kos’ tourism by investing 30.5 million euros in a brand-new modern airport – three times bigger than today’s facility,” said Alexander Zinel, the CEO of Fraport Greece.

Fraport Greece presented an investment plan to complete the works until 2021:

  • New terminal
  • New fire station
  • Refurbishing/expanding the wastewater treatment plant
  • 201% increase in the total size of the airport at 24,000 m²
  • 75% increase in the number of check-in counters (from 16 to 28)
  • 125% increase in the number of security-check lanes (from 4 to 9)

In March 2018, the runaway and the airport will be restored and the traffic will be briefly closed (March 4-19) with only emergencies like helicopter medical and rescue landings allowed. March is still off-season for tourist activities on Kos but plan accordingly.

Zinel said that the cost of the development is about 30.5 million euros, part of a larger project of 330 million euros for development works at 13 other Greek airports until 2021. According to Fraport Greece, refurbishment projects at the 14 airports will be implemented for:

…all 15 runways, the existing terminals (200,000 m2 in total), sanitary facilities (10,000 m2 in total), 14 fire stations, airport apron areas, and 100 diesel generators. Baggage screening systems featuring the latest technology (inline system) will be installed at all of the airports.

Although announced in early spring 2017, the plan for the modernization and development will also address the damage caused to the airport by the earthquake that hit the island last July. Zinel also insisted that the modernized airport will help Kos maximize its full growth potential.