Meet the people of Astir Odysseus: Dionisia Tsimisiri, Housekeeping Manager

Meet the people of Astir Odysseus: Dionisia Tsimisiri, Housekeeping Manager

Dionisia who supervises the housekeeping department talks about the responsibilities and daily challenges of her job and recalls a moment she really felt proud of her work.


How many people work at Astir Odysseus housekeeping department? How do you supervise all these people and make sure that everything is done properly and in time?

A total of 40 people work in the housekeeping department. Supervision is carried out in cooperation with the two housekeeping assistants as well as the hotel manager and quality department of the hotel. There is a daily program of checking the rooms and communal areas, where any discrepancies are identified and the necessary corrective actions are taken. Checklists are used to facilitate the checking procedure and continuous staff training is provided.

What are the most important characteristics for an employee working in the housekeeping department?

A maid should understand the requirements of the job and be able to follow the procedures of the hotel. Being able to work under pressure, being fast but at the same time efficient and detailed in her job are all elements of a good maid.

What’s the biggest challenge about your job?

The biggest and daily challenge for the housekeeping department is customer satisfaction. Every customer should feel the care of their room from the maids, the clean linens from the laundry, the prompt reply to any request. Pleased and repeat customers are the proof of our hotel’s housekeeping department effectiveness.

What kind of detergents do you use? Do they comply with the sustainability policy of Astir Odysseus?

Detergents used in the hotel have been selected for both their effectiveness and their reduced environmental impact as they meet the requirements of low-pollutant load detergents. Our hotel, through a variety of training and updates, has inculcated to the housekeeping staff the importance of the business’ sustainable development and how each person in the department can contribute to it.

Can you share a story or an incident you’ll never forget from your work experience in Astir Odysseus?

If I have to stand out and mention something that really made me feel proud both of my job and the business I work in, here are the words of a maid who said: “I’m so happy to be working here and learning so much , discussing it with my girlfriends in the cafe! No one knows what we are learning and doing here! “