Meet the people of Astir Odysseus: Hati Kortasan, Front Office Manager

Meet the people of Astir Odysseus: Hati Kortasan, Front Office Manager

Hati Kortasan has been working for Astir Odysseus almost since the beginning of the hotel’s operation. She talks about her job as the Front Office Manager, and the things she loves about the resort.


The Front Office is the area of the hotel where guests form their first and last impressions of the hotel. How do you manage to create a pleasant experience for them?

The first impression is very important. A warm smile and friendly welcome in Greek, asking questions about their flight or whether it is their first visit in Greece, offering a welcome drink, all these will make a guest relax, and feel like home.

What’s the most demanding thing about your job?

The most demanding thing about my job is to handle guest complaints. From the moment a complaint is received until the solution is found, it is very important to make the guest feel confident that we take their issue seriously and we are dealing with it immediately. Body language also plays a very important role.

What’s your best memory from Summer 2019 season at Astir Odysseus?

There are so many memories…. A very special memory was the celebration of the 10 Years Anniversary of Astir Odysseus. Since I work for Astir Odysseus from the very first moment, this day was really moving for me.

3 things that make Astir Odysseus special?

The staff, the beautiful surroundings & the stunning sunset from Laguna pool next to the beach.

What’s your personal favourite spot in the Astir Odysseus, where you like to relax and enjoy the vibes of the resort while you ’re off duty?

My favorite spots are the Ody-sea Pool and the Waterfront restaurants Argo & A la carte Ithaki.