Orthodox Gem on Kos: Chapel St. John Perigialiti

Orthodox Gem on Kos: Chapel St. John Perigialiti

When you take a day trip to Mastichari, take your time to find the beautiful Chapel St. John Perigialiti, Greek Orthodox gem, one of the most beautiful churches of the entire island of Kos. It’s a small structure with whitewashed exteriors and bright blue dome, which stands for the color of the Aegean, a typical example of Kos architecture. Inside, the decorations are simple – some traditional icons flank the sides of the narrow nave and on the altar. But the location and the views that stretch out forever from its courtyard make this particular chapel one of the most sought-after on the island for weddings and religious celebrations.

The Chappel is one of the destinations included in the DOPAVS program of summer cultural events by the authorities of Kos. It is an occasion for tourists to observe local traditions, like the festival of St. John on August 28. The church also celebrates the Beheading of St. John the Baptist on August 29 every year.

The Chapel St. John Perigialiti has an interesting history, traced back around 1845. Earlier than this date, the site was supposedly occupied by a different church. Pirates and affluent local families form part of the legacy of Chapel St. John Perigialiti too. Several legends surround this landmark, including one about a hidden treasure of the late 1960s.

Other attractions in close proximity to the Chapel of St. John Perigialiti include the Lido Water Park and the Ancient House Hippocrates Garden. Mastichari is also a popular windsurfing destination, and Mastichari Beach is an exotic sunning spot and water sports Mecca. Situated on a natural bay, Mastichari also features a host of useful amenities including; restaurants, cafes and shops, and nearby accommodations. The quaint village also affords visitors a bit of local flavor, and there are daily connections to the nearby island of Kalymnos too.