Pserimos, the Streetless Island

Pserimos, the Streetless Island

Pserimos is one of the most interesting attractions to see when you are vacationing on Kos. Although the island is easier accessible from Kalimnos, there are still boats ready to take you to the streetless island if you plan ahead.

Although not heavily advertised, there are daily boat trips to take you to Pserimos from Mastichari. So you can always visit the island during your stay on Kos.

Pserimos is a fascinating destination with a beautiful legend. Apparently, a piece of the skies fell into the sea and petrified to become this tiny island. Even today the landscape of Pserimos remains mysterious and odd, but mainly because there are no streets on the island, and you will feel cut off from the rest of the world. Let’s say you hike to the Church Panagia Grafiotisa, which is only accessible on foot. The landscape there is breathtakingly memorable. Grab a camera to capture the beauty of the land.

It’s a place of great peace and serenity, a genuine Greek destination, where the few (about 120) locals occupy their time working the land, while some attend to the occasional tourist. There may be no streets on the island, but there are charming cobblestoned alleys and traditional homes in Avlakia, the capital, which is located on the southwest side of the island. Pserimos is an ideal destination for hiking, but also for diving and snorkeling. It is also nice for beachgoers, as it boasts nice, albeit unorganized beaches like Glistra and Korakia. You can also enjoy the azure waters of the Vathy Bay.

Whatever you decide to do, come well prepared: wear all terrain shoes for hiking, or have a bag full of essentials when you go to the beach. There are several water-side taverns available to tame your hunger, especially if you like catch-of-the-day fish. Besides, the island is a favorite for fans of spearfishing.