Thor Star Wreck: Diving Adventures on Pserimos

Thor Star Wreck: Diving Adventures on Pserimos

The Thor Star Wreck is a scuba diving site off the coast of Pserimos island. The Thor Star was a Syrian cargo ship built in 1965 and abandoned off the coast of Pserimos in 1997. It eventually sunk.

No one knows for sure why the Thor Star sunk. There are strong probabilities that the ship owes its ill fate to adverse weather conditions.

The site of the Thor Star Wreck dive, which is at the southeast side of Pserimos, can be accessed easily by boat from Kos island. The wreck makes a good habitat for all kinds of marine creatures, including fish large and small and Thuridilla hopei sea slugs. The dive is suitable for all skill levels. With excellent visibility conditions, the Thor Star Wreck diving site is also ideal for underwater photography. There are diving excursions from Kos to the Thor Star Wreck on Pserimos is you want to experience this dive. You can check out Xtreme Spots or Alternative Spots for details. Our guest relations specialists at Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa are happy to help you organize a diving trip to the Thor Star Wreck too.

If you dive at the Thor Star Wreck, you should also take a few moments to visit Pserimos. Due to its remote location, this Greek island has under 150 inhabitants and it is a paradise for vacationers seeking privacy and seclusion. The island it is served by a ferry daily from Pothia, on Kalymnos but it can also be accessed from Kos with a private tour or diving excursion. The beach of Pserimos is noteworthy too. Other than diving, swimming, hiking, and sunbathing, there’s nothing much to do on Pserimos. Life stands still here – this is truly a destination for a day trip Try the local cuisine at Anna’s tavern on the beach at Pserimos.