Trip to Mastichari on Kos for a Fun Day at the Waterpark

Trip to Mastichari on Kos for a Fun Day at the Waterpark

Mastichari is the seaport of Antimachia and a fun destination for families with children. The beautiful seashore village is known ad the site of the Lido Water Park, which boasts attractions for young and old.

It is well worth it to spend a day at the Lido Water Park on Kos. You can reach in less than 30 minutes when you drive from Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa. It is a large park, boasting an interactive game complex for children with water slides, rotating water bucket, and waterfalls, where kids can play safely, while older children and their parents enjoy sunbathing or attractions for their own age.

For instance, the park offers a giant open tubeless slide with a 98 meters slalom route that descends from a height of 7.94 meters into a 1.20 m deep swimming pool, and a “Black Hole” tubbed slide with a capacity of two people simultaneously, with a 105 m slalom route that descends from 7.94 m into the same pool as the Giant. For those who prefer “crazy” rides, the Lido Water Park Hydro Tube drops rapidly and abruptly from 10.80 meters. There’s also a multi-lane water slide that can be enjoyed by 4 at once, as well as other fun water rides.

Lido Water Park Kos

The park has four different pools, one for children, and the others for various water activities, ranging from amateur swimming, to water sports like aerobics and water polo, and ending with the wave pool that mimics the sea. Besides enjoying water activities and beach volleyball, you can also treat your feet at the fish spa, or relax in a Jacuzzi pool.

Sure, the trip to Mastichari can also include dining at a local tavern, as this destination is famous for its fresh fish caught every day by local fishermen. There are many fish houses close to the marina, and others by the beach. If you linger till sunset, you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the sea from the beaches of Mastichari. In the summer, you can also catch the Mastichari Wine Festival, which offers Kos wines, local dishes, music, and dancing.

Featured image of Mastichari Beach by Michal Osmenda via Wikimedia Commons.