Unexpected, Non-touristy Sunset Spots on Kos

Unexpected, Non-touristy Sunset Spots on Kos

When you are on Kos Island, you can gaze at some of the most spectacular sunsets over the sea. The warm colors and the vivid patterns made by the clouds reflecting the sunlight in the sky will inspire awe and a sense of peace and tranquility in your heart. When you stay at Astir Odysseus Resort & Spa, you can admire the celestial spectacle at sundown from the lagoon pool, just a stone’s throw from the beach. If you prefer a change of scenery, here are some of the best spots to see fiery skies and padparadscha sapphires in the waves of the Aegean Sea.

Cavo Paradiso

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches on Kos, Cavo Paradiso (sometimes spelled Kavo Paradiso) – the “Paradise Cove” – stretches its fine golden sands on the southernmost part of the island, more than one hour and fifteen minutes’ drive from Astir Odysseus Resort & Spa. Bring your beach towels along: although there are not many tourists, the number of sun chairs to rent is limited, and you may not be lucky enough to find one available to sit until sundown. Buy some snacks from the cantina, and wait: what comes next will fill your heart with glee.

Church of Aghios Mammas, Kefalos

If you are not in the mood to wait on the beach, but you still want to see a sunset close to Cavo Paradiso, the Church of Aghios Mammas is the best spot. The temple stands on Cape Krikelos, at the southernmost tip of the island, and it will give you front-row seats to the best sunsets you’ll experience when you visit Kos. Just be prepared for a wild ride, as the road leading here is fairly bad.

Agios Ioannis Basilica, Mastichari

The Early Christian Basilica of St. John in Mastichari lies in ruin: nothing spectacular to see if you are not fond of historical religious sites. The remains of the temple date from the fifth century AD. You can easily access the site from the beach below and spend some time there before nightfall to see the sun setting in the sea from a more spectacular vantage point than what Paralia Mastichari has to offer. The site provides a plus of tranquility far from tourists too.

Aghios Ioannis Perigialitis, Mastichari

Another fantastic vantage point for memorable Kos Island sunsets, Aghios Ioannis Perigialitis boasts unobscured views of the sea and the sunsets that make the Mastichari area such a romantic destination. If you don’t have time to wait for the sunset, it is still worth stopping to see the church, small but charming: a whitewashed single-transept vaulted church with typical Greek blue accents on its exterior walls and roof.

Sunset over Igroviotopos Alikis

It may not be as spectacular as a sunset over the Aegean Sea. Still, if you happen to explore the area around Igroviotopos Alikis (Tigaki Salt Lake) before sundown, you may want to stick around to see the show. A kind of magic envelops the place, as birds nesting here fly about, some getting ready for nightfall, others just starting feeding. It’s worth booking a sunset horseback riding tour if you are in the area. Some rides take you to the beach to swim with the horses while the sun paints the skies and the sea in different shades of honey.