Landscape Kos

Walking Trails on Kos

While Kos is most often mentioned for its stunning village architecture, natural beauty, and pristine beaches, there’s a lot for walking enthusiasts to enjoy too. On this amazing island, a short jaunt up into the foothills or onto a mountain ridge can be a spectacular adventure for the eyes.
For instance, a hike on Óros Dikaios can be a great workout in the summer, rewarding the effort with breathtaking views from the summit where you can also visit the charming Church of Christos Dikaios (Christ the Righteous).
Closer to Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa, Igroviotopos Alikis is a destination for nature lovers, a great place to hike or go horseback riding. And sure, a stroll in the Old Town of Kos or on the Asclepeion can be rewarding too.
Visitors to Kos can take either long or short hikes to find wonders of archaeology. Strolling around Kos Town and other villages rewards the rambler with picture-perfect views of hidden bays. Walks can also lead to the perfect spots for birdwatching. Nature lovers spend hours hiking in the countryside to admire flora and fauna. Most people combine their interests to get individual experiences, while others take tours led by experts who know all the spots to see. Some of these tours are even free. 10 well-marked hiking trails crisscross Kos, but the short list of pathways discussed below will give you an idea of the possibilities.

For people who want a half-day of moderate walking, you can make the walk from Kamari to Kefalos, then over back to the Kamari Harbor in about two hours, including stopping for lunch and photos along the way. Then there’s the Kamari to Tiny Beach and back to Kamari trek that will take you about three hours if you stop for a swim at the beach.

If a lengthier jaunt is more your thing, then we suggest you make the trail in between Kefalos, on to Panagia Palatini, to the ancient amphitheater, then taking in Mt. Zini, and then returning to Kefalos. This is an exhilarating walk for the difficulty and the breathtaking scenery. Another great trek is the Pili to Paleo Pili trail that leads to Amaniou, and then back to Pili. This route should take you a little less than three hours including stops for food and photos.
Other lovely walks include the 11.5 miles long Kos Island, east coast mountains trail, the 5.3 mile Kos Circular, almost 6 miles long Kos – Asklepion trek. Of course, there are several others not to mention unmarked routes some advanced hikers prefer. All the trails we’ve discussed here are of either easy or moderate difficulty levels. No matter which routes you choose to take, the unbelievable nature you’ll experience will bring lifelong memories.