Windsurfing on Kos: Here’s Why the Island Is a Hotspot for Windsurfers

Windsurfing on Kos: Here’s Why the Island Is a Hotspot for Windsurfers

From beginner freestylers to professional windsurfers, Kos is the place to be. The island counts on reliable winds from May up to mid-September, and it offers excellent conditions for all windsurfers, regardless of their level of expertise. Local windsurfers and windsurfing schools are familiar with the best spots, but generally, Kefalos and Mastichari are the most popular.

However, the wide beach in front of Aliki Tigaki is a popular kitesurfing and windsurfing spot too. So, when you stay at Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa you have a great windsurfing beach right at your door. Marmari, which is a windsurfing destination close to the resort, has a windsurfing center that offers equipment from NeilPryde, JP-Australia, and Goya. You can contact the guest service staff at the hotel to help you with equipment rental or with windsurfing classes should you need any.

There are several other great spots, at Marmari, Kohilari, experts-only Theologos Beach, and Psalidi Natura Park, which is described in detail by the Kite and Windsurfing Guide:

“The beach belongs to beginners in the morning, then life gets more challenging as the Meltemi builds from noon. Later on, the wind can get strong in the narrow channel between Kos and mainland Turkey. If it nukes for a few days, a decent windswell sometimes replaces the mogul piste.”

Meltemi, a Legendary Wind

The Meltemi, also known as the Etesian northern winds, is the reason why Kos is such a hot windsurfing spot. It’s a legendary wind, known since antiquity, and mythologically controlled by Boreas, the Greek god of the North Wind, bringer of the winter.

The Meltemi is dominant and responsible for weather changes in the Aegean Basin. The winds can be dangerous to sailors as they sometimes strike without warning, out of a beautiful, clear sky. However, they are rarely blowing at over 7-8 Beaufort (14-21 m/s). Generally, the Meltemi offers a moderate breeze as it blows at a force 4 (5.5–7.9 m/s) or slightly above.

The Meltemi builds up in the afternoon when most of the experienced windsurfers come on the beach to catch the best wave sailing. Mornings are more suitable for beginners.

Flying with Windsurfing Kits

When pro-windsurfers travel with their kits, they always must pay attention to excess baggage policy on air carriers and they’ll often pay steep excess baggage charges. However, since many professional centers are offering excellent windsurfing gear and training on Kos, pro-windsurfers don’t need to worry about finding pro-gear. We have already listed some windsurfing centers here. Knowing this, surfers can rely on finding the right equipment on the island and they don’t have to pack their own.