World Food Safety Day 2021

World Food Safety Day 2021

This year’s theme, “Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow”

Food safety is a matter for all of us. Especially for us working in the tourism and catering sector. Food safety is an integral part of our daily lives as we have set high requirements and specifications as a company to offer high quality and safe products to our guests. For this reason, World Food Safety Day is very important to remind us that all people have the right to consume safe food and stay healthy.

Food safety on holidays

It is really important when you choose to go on vacation to feel confident that nothing will spoil them, especially the food that we all want to enjoy. For this reason, we must inform our guests about the food safety and hygiene measures that we follow, about the certifications which have distinguished us but also the rules that they themselves must follow in order to achieve the best result. Ιn this way, we assure our guests that the processing of food is done with absolute safety from receipt of raw materials to delivery.

What we do

Staying up to date on food safety issues every year, we update operating procedures in accordance to the national and international law. We carry out a variety of internal and external inspections that manage to maintain ISO 22000 certification for many consecutive years. We manage to keep the staff informed by conducting trainings on food safety and hygiene issues while at the same time we select the suppliers of our raw materials based on the food safety criteria that we have set.

Food safety in the time of Covid-19

While Covid-19 is not transmitted by food, the pandemic has intensified its focus on issues related to food safety, such as hygiene, self-service operation (Buffet) and safety of workers in the kitchen. Being committed to the safe operation of the hotel for both all our guests and our colleagues, all the necessary changes have been made based on the health protocols and the action plan we have prepared.