Astir Cover Statistics

Astir Odysseus, Summer 2018 in numbers: impressive statistics from a marvelous summer

They say that numbers don’t lie, so we decided to publish some impressive numbers from the last summer season in Astir Odysseus. These statistics have a fun aspect but also show the enormity of the hotel’s operation.

This summer Astir Odysseus had guests from 26 countries around the world, a celebration of diversity and multiculturalism. We shared with them a great dose of Greek culture, through our animation team and the organization of Greek nights. But also through Greek food: 6 tons of tzatziki, 7 tons of “gyros”, and 22.780 pitas for gyros, were the best way to infuse them with some… Greek spirit!

See more impressive statistics pictured in the infographics below and watch the video. In general, this summer we had quality food, we took important actions in the direction of sustainability, we offered entertaining activities and to sum up: we had fun, fun, fun!