Boat Trip to Pserimos, a Should-do when You Vacation on Kos

Boat Trip to Pserimos, a Should-do when You Vacation on Kos

Pserimos is small and unassuming, home to some eighty permanent residents. Its remote location and unspoiled nature with secluded beaches and crystal clear waters caressing its shores make the island attractive for many holidaymakers who want to experience authentic Greek lifestyle and hospitality. While many travelers come here on a day trip from Kos by boat, some choose to spend the night and ask for rooms to rent in Avlaki – the island’s capital – to adventure hikes or enjoy a night of peace far from the tourist crowds.

Most boats arriving in the Avlaki harbor of Pserimos are offered by companies specializing in boat tours. It is, however, possible to reach Pserimos with a diving expedition. Some of the best diving spots available when you vacation on Kos are around this tiny island. Ask your diving partners to show you The Potteries – a fascinating dive in an area where the seabed is covered by thousands of pottery fragments, the Trigger Reef, The Cave, or the Thor Star Wreck. You can also go snorkeling or spearfishing here – the waters are clear enough to afford you excellent views for these activities.

If you choose to stay on the island, you can spend some time in the sun on the main beach, in Avlaki: the longest and busiest Pserimos has to offer. For a more secluded experience, pristine sands, and views that will take your breath away, hike to Vathy or Marathontas. The terrain leading you to these beaches is rugged, but the hike is easy, and it will take you about 30-40 minutes to reach any of them walking. You should know that there are no motorized vehicles on the island, and there is no road infrastructure: only some cobbled alleyways traversing Avlaki. Walking is your only choice if you want to explore the island. If you plan to hike to a secluded beach, wear the right apparel and bring water supplies and snacks: there are no kiosks or markets outside the island’s capital.

Few Pserimos visitors know that the island has opportunities for rock climbing. Claude Idoux developed a crag with 11 routes on the island in 2018. Designed for the Greek and international Scouts of Pserimos, the rockclimbing course is available to island visitors. Bring your own gear.

Pserimos doesn’t have notable monuments, but you can visit one of its charming Greek Orthodox churches. Some two kilometers north of Avlaki, you will find Panaghia Grafiotissa, one of the most enchanting sunset spots on the island. It stands on a secluded beach, opposite an older temple, now in ruin because of corrosive winds and tides. The beach here is perfect for those who want to take in the rugged nature of Pserimos.  In Avlaki itself, you will find the 19th-century Church of the Panaghia, a stone’s throw from the shore at the bay’s east side. Four hundred meters from the harbor to the south of the bay, you can see the Chapel of the Taxiarches.

As far as dining goes, Pserimos is famous for its fresh fish dishes. All tavernas and cafes are in Avlaki, clustered around the beach. Go for the catch of the day, or, if you are a meat-lover, the local specialty is braised lamb. Don’t leave without buying a bag of wild capers from the local minimarkets – this is, perhaps, the best souvenir from Pserimos.