Kos Island for Scuba Divers: The Best Diving Spots

Kos Island for Scuba Divers: The Best Diving Spots

Scuba diving is always a fascinating adventure for those who wonder what lies beneath the Aegean Sea’s azure glitter. Several diving centers on Kos Island caters to beginner and experienced divers alike. You can either try diving or opt for a PADI scuba diver course to obtain a PADI certificate.

While the diving centers are on Kos Island, your most exciting diving adventures will happen in the crystal clear waters of Pserimos, between Kos and Kalymnos. Here are three of the best scuba diving spots you can access with a diving expedition from Kos:

Pserimos: The Potteries

A dive hard to forget, The Potteries explores an enchanted reef some twelve meters under the sea. Hundreds of amphorae shards – some more than 800 years old – cover the seabed, and if you watch closely, you will observe octopuses and scorpionfish hiding under the pottery fragments. The dive is easy and full of surprises: you are likely to see squirrelfish, wrasse, and shoals of sea bream. If you feel like collecting a souvenir to remember your dive, please note that Greek laws forbid removing the pottery fragments from the seabed. Photography of the site is prohibited too.

The Potteries GPS coordinates (DD): 36.94277, 27.16425

Pserimos: Trigger Reef

Not far from The Potteries (you could see both sites on the same day), you will find Trigger Reef – at some fourteen meters depth. This dive is captivating because you have excellent photo opportunities as the area is rich in seagrass that provides shelter and nourishment for all kinds of fish. Expect to encounter colorful mollusks like nudibranchs, flabellina affinis, and pilgrim hervias that feed on coral moss. Keep an eye out for eels and schools of triggerfish, which give their name to the reef. Octopi sightings are not rare either.

Trigger Reef GPS coordinates (DD): 36.94355, 27.16480

Pserimos: The Cave

A true underwater paradise with plenty to see and exciting dropoffs, The Cave is at the northeastern part of Pserimos.  As its name suggests, this dive will take you to an underwater cave with walls covered in coral and sponges. You may encounter schools of sea bream, barracudas, red sea stars, and scorpionfish on your dive. Choose to dive at The Cave only if you are an experienced diver. Weather and sea currents conditions may affect visibility and safety.

The Cave GPS coordinates (DD): 36.95579, 27.16567

There are several other fascinating diving sites in the Dodecanese waters – among these, the Thor Star Wreck already extensively presented on the Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa blog.