Meet the people of Astir Odysseus: Konstantinos Nikopolitis, Executive Chef

Meet the people of Astir Odysseus: Konstantinos Nikopolitis, Executive Chef

Konstantinos Nikopolitis, Astir Odysseus’ Executive Chef of explains in a few words the resort’s food philosophy and describes the complexities of his work.


What does it take to become the Executive Chef of a 5-star luxury resort like Astir Odysseus?

It takes a lot of knowledge, long experience in the kitchen, great management skills, and of course, good taste. You have to love what you do and be professional.

How many people work at the kitchens of Astir Odysseus and how many people do they prepare food for every day on average?

64 people work at Astir Odysseus’ kitchens, 35 of whom work on the food preparation on a daily basis. We prepare food for 600 people on average, every day, which could rise to 900 during high-season.

Describe in a few words the food philosophy of Astir Odysseus. What first-time guests should expect from the gastronomy of the resort?

We work hard to offer rich flavors, great variety and excellent quality of food. Visitors of Astir Odysseus will taste dishes of the Greek cuisine, but also international cuisine specialties and many culinary themed nights.

What’s the most fascinating thing about your work, and what’s the most challenging?

The most exciting thing about our work is the creative stress that overwhelms us, while we face the greatest challenge: to prepare a great meal, which will please every customer.

What are the most popular dishes among the guests of Astir Odysseus?

All dishes with fresh fish cooked in different ways, as well as any dish that contains seasonal vegetables. And of course, tzatziki!