Must See in Kos: Casa Romana

Must See in Kos: Casa Romana

One of the top attractions to see in Kos, Casa Romana or the Roman Manor has been renovated in early 2015 and is now welcoming guests with the “Archaeological exhibition of Casa Romana of Kos,” a permanent display that showcases mosaics dating back to the 3rd century AD, sculptures, coins, pottery, and other artifacts of the Roman period in Kos.

Considered by locals and tourists alike a must see in the Capital of Kos, Casa Romana was discovered by Italian archaeologist L. Laurenzi after the earthquake of 23 April 1933, which destroyed a significant part of the old city. At that time, Architect Rodolfo Petracco drew up a plan to transform the old town of Kos into an archaeological park. Casa Romana was among several other interesting archaeological sights discovered as a result of that project. The newly excavated monument was subject to restoration that lasted until 1940.

The first building phase of the Roman House or Casa Romana goes back to the Hellenistic period, but enhancements and rebuilding phases were traced to the 3rd century AD. The unusually large size and elaborate decorations of the complex are proof that the edifice belonged to a wealthy Kos official. The manor comprises 36 rooms and three peristyle courtyards and has an excellent drainage system. There is also an interior courtyard with a pool with water lilies. At the main entrance of the house, there is a pedestal with the inscription “ΑΠΕΛΕΞΙΚΑΚΟΣ” (he who drives evil away).

Casa Romana can be visited by the general public from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm. There is a small cover fee, either 6 € for the full price or 3 € for discounted tickets (children, the elderly, students). Special days like March 6, April 18 (International Day of Monuments), May 18 (International Museum Day), the last weekend of September during the European Heritage Days, and the official holidays of Greece grant you free access. More information, in Greek, on the official website of the Greek Ministry of Culture.