Perfect Pastimes for Couples: Kos Island Boat Trips

Perfect Pastimes for Couples: Kos Island Boat Trips

The Kos island boat trips are the kind of pastimes that spell romance for couples from all walks of life. Whether you come to Kos to rekindle a relationship, to spend your honeymoon, to tie the knot, or just because you love the Aegean Sea, a boat trip is always a romantic endeavor.

Kos Island Boat Trips to Remember

The most memorable Kos island boat trips you can take are sunset cruises. Santorini may be famous for its breathtaking sunsets, but the Koan sunsets are equally awe-inspiring. Romantic couples can choose a sunset cruise to enjoy views of Kos island from the sea under the amber skies when the sea glitters with honey tones as the boat glides on the waves. The more active couples, however, can always opt for a day trip with fishing, swimming, and snorkeling, and there are plenty tours to choose from. Several boat tour operators work from Kos town, not far from Tigaki, and you can even ask the guest relations officers at Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa to help organize a Kos island boat trip for you.

Where do the Kos Island Boat Trips Take You?

The Kos island boat trips take you around the island or to nearby islands like Pserimos, Kalymnos, and Nisyros where you can explore traditional settlements and enjoy local fare.

  • Pserimos is a small island known for its pristine nature and lovely beaches caressed by azure waters. When you are here, try the local seafood. Always fresh, cooked to perfection according to traditional methods, the food will satisfy the more demanding gourmands despite being straightforward and aesthetically plain.
  • Kalymnos is famous for sponge diving – an occupation which is still practiced on the island. Sponges are fished by hand, individually, however, a disease affected the crops and the sponges today are scarce. This island is popular with rock climbing and bouldering enthusiasts too – so active couples will love these activities.
  • Finally, Nisyros is famous for its volcano, which has five active craters, including the largest hydrothermal crater in the world, Stefanos, which is also the largest of the five. The crater is oval, with a shaft of 330 meters and a height of 30 meters, hot springs and bubbling mud pits. There are also several sandy, picturesque beaches, and don’t miss the Municipal Hot Springs before you leave.

Whatever Kos island boat trips you choose, you will always find something extraordinary on your way.