Sweet Kos: visiting a local honey factory

Sweet Kos: visiting a local honey factory

Regardless if you have a sweet tooth or not, a visit to Melissa, a beekeeping and honey production family business at Kefalos, Kos, is an experience both educative and… sweet!

The family who runs Melissa have a long tradition at bee-farming, over 100 years, passing the art of honey production from one generation to the next. Today Melissa still insists on preserving the traditional, natural methods of beekeeping and honey production. But apart from honey, this small artisanal enterprise also produces a number of honey-based natural products and cosmetics which can be a perfect choice for gifts and souvenirs.

During your visit you’ll learn about the nutritional values of honey and you’ll have the opportunity to do some honey-tasting with different types of honey. Then you can visit Melissa’s café where you should definitely taste “loukoumades” (honey-soaked dough balls), “katimeria” (a traditional pastry topped with honey), and raki-with-honey, a drink which will cure your body and soul. Finally, your last stop will be at their gift shop where you can buy honey, to take back home with you (thyme and pine honey among others), other bee-farming products like propolis and royal jelly, as well as soaps with honey, cosmetic creams etc.

It’s all natural, and they will give you a taste of Kos, long after you‘ve left the island!



Kefalos, Kos

tel. (+30 22420 72260)