Three Wineries Worth Visiting in Kos

Three Wineries Worth Visiting in Kos

Kos doesn’t have a well-established winemaking industry, but the viticulture tradition goes back to antiquity, with Hippocrates, the father of medicine, praising its benefits for human health:

“Wine is an appropriate article for mankind, both for the healthy body and the ailing man.” Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BC)

Before the Ottoman rule, Kos was known for a wine called “melantanon.” Still, as the industry evolves, new varietals slowly appear in modern wineries that produce organic wines of exceptional quality. Among them, three have already achieved international fame. So without further ado, here are the top three wineries worth visiting in Kos.

Ktima Akrani (formerly known as Triantafyllopoulos Winery)

Ktima Akrani (Miniera, Asfendiou – reservations at 2242069860) is the former Triantafyllopoulos Winery. The owners changed the name because akrani is an archaic term meaning “a beloved friend.” The term survived only in folk songs from the Dodecanese. It now honors the friendships the winery developed with viticulturists, winemakers, and winery visitors from 1996 until the present. The term ktima stands for Greek origin and represents “the commitment of the Triantafyllopoulos family to revive rare Greek varieties  in the Kos‘s terrain.”

Ktima Akrani produces high-quality organic wines with grapes harvested from their vineyards and cultivated with care based on ecological engineering. This technique achieves the ideal balance between the vines, soil, water, and natural biodiversity.

You can visit the winery for tours and wine-tasting experiences, highlighting the importance of the winemaking process and allowing visitors to taste some local products that pair well with the wines. In addition, you can walk in the vineyards, smell Koan herbs, and much more.

Hatziemmanouil Vineyards

The Hatziemmanouil Vineyards (Epar. Od. Ko-Kefalou – reservations at 2242 068888) count on a winemaking tradition that started in 1929, when Nikolas Hatziemmanouil began producing a sweet wine based on the ancient “psima” technique with a part boiled wine added to enhance the natural fermentation process. Today, the family owns a boutique winery, cellars, and vineyards on the slopes of Mount Dikaios. Their grape varieties include Malagouzia, Assyrtiko, Kidonitsa, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah. A visit to the Hatziemmanouil Vineyards allows you to see the facilities, vineyards, taste or purchase wines from the in-house store. In addition, interested visitors may participate in the harvesting process when the season comes.

Mesariano Organic Winery

You will find the Mesariano Organic Winery in the Mesaria region of Kos – hence the name of the winery. They produce organic wines with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, which adapt exceptionally to the soil and climate of Kos. Their wines are organic, vegan, and bottled unfiltered after 12 months of aging in French oak barrels. The winery has a production facility and in-house cellars you can visit to buy wines.

Call 697 277 7047 or 22420 25971 for reservations.

Kos has several other wine producers, including Petra Marinou Winery in Linopoti and Hatzinikolaou Winery in Mesaria. As the industry evolves, the chances are that more wineries will soon open on the island.