Visit Psalidi for Nightlife on Kos Island

Visit Psalidi for Nightlife on Kos Island

For nightlife and fun on Kos Island, you can always visit Psalidi. The resort is just outside Kos Town, and a short 8 km distance from Therma Beach in Agios Fokas.

Psalidi is popular with tourists for its lively nightlife and good beaches. Most of the clubs on Kos line up along the coastline here, together with restaurants, taverns, and cafes. The area to find them is known as “Bar Street,” and you don’t need to ask around to find it, as Psalidi is small and you only need to follow other groups of tourists to get there. There are several beach bars that are open during the day too so you can start to party as early as you like.

Visit Psalidi for beach fun

The traveler will also notice a good concentration of hotels with beach access and good crowds walking down the promenade in search of the next gift shop, or just to find a good spot in the sun.

The beach of Psalidi is sandy and pebbled, with shallow waters safe for swimming. Many families with children prefer this area to sunbathe while their little ones play safely. While small children can paddle around close to the shore, teens and adults can take advantage of Psalidi Beach’s excellent windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions. Psalidi is also the place to go for all the gear you’ll need to windsurf or kiteboard the “Meltemi” – the strong northeasterly wind that blows offshore here. You will find a popular sports shop selling boards and sails, plus all the suntan oil you can carry. The shop also offers windsurfing and kiteboarding lessons for all ages.

If you go hiking on the hillsides of Katafigio Agrias Zois Ag. Fokas – Psalidi you can see goats and their kids roaming free, and you’ll enjoy beautiful views, while you take note of the specific flora and fauna of this region.