Visit the wineries of Kos

Visit the wineries of Kos

Your stay at Astir Odysseus is likely to include savouring the delicious wines we have in our ACHILLES and ITHAKA restaurants, and at our waterfront taverna ARGO. In addition to the finest Greek and international wines, we of course offer the best Kos has to offer – from delicious crisp whites and refreshing reds to succulent sweet dessert wines.
For an insight into the world of winemaking in Kos we recommend a visit to the two major producers on the island.

A short distance from the hotel, Triantafyllopoulos Vineyards (Tel. 22420 69860) is a grower set in the foothills of the Dikeos mountains in a fabulous location. Its first vines were planted in 1996, and today the winery produces wines from Greek grape varieties such as Malagouzia, Athiri and Assyrtiko, as well as international varieties such as Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Like most small producers in Greece, Triantafyllopoulos is a family business, and a visit to its new age winery makes a great day out, whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just love a drop of the good stuff. There’s something for every taste here, guided tours are available, and of course there are free tastings. A trek to Triantafyllopoulos can be combined with a visit to the tiny mountainside village of Zia, famous for its stunning sunsets.

Sharing the rich and fertile earth of the Asfendiou district is the vineyard of the Hatziemmanouil family (Tel. 22420 68888), who have been making wine here for almost a century. Papou Nikos Hatziemmanouil, a refugee from Smyrna, started making wine at Marmaroto in Kos’s south in the 1920s, before his son Kostas established the family’s first vineyards. In recent years a third and fourth generation have taken the reins, managing vineyards that stretch for 60 hectares which grow both local and international grape varieties, particularly Malagouzia, Assyrtiko, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. The winery is a five minute walk from Tigaki and produces around 40,000 bottles a year.

Both wineries welcome organised groups and individual visitors, and are open daily from from May to October. Ask at reception for transport options.

A third vineyard, Skevofilax Winery (previously known as Volcania) is found in the south of the island near Kefalos. Producing some 30,000 bottles a year from Greek and Aegean grape varieties, this friendly winery, currently being updated with a new factory, is set to re-open for visitors in September 2019.

Photo by Rodrigo Abreu