Beekeeping units and honey tours on Kos Island

Beekeeping units and honey tours on Kos Island

Koans harnessed honey’s benefits: a natural remedy with miraculous healing properties that can ease digestive problems and sore throats. Its golden syrupy goodness can also increase athletic performance, combat bacteria (like E. coli, H. pylori, and salmonella), and speed the healing of wounds, burns, skin sores, and inflammation.

Besides having exceptional antibacterial qualities, honey has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimutagenic properties. And although it is primarily composed of fructose, glucose, and other sugars, it has antidiabetic effects. Studies also show that honey may inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells and heart disease. With so many health benefits, no wonder honey is one of nature’s most precious gifts.

And did you know that honey never spoils? It may change colour and consistency, but it has no expiration date and is always safe to consume. So have it daily in your tea cuppa or on its own instead of a candy bar to enjoy its potent health benefits.

Few people are aware that the geographical origin of honey influences its properties and healing benefits: Koan honey is one of the cleanest, purest, and healthiest available on the market today and a point of pride for the island’s inhabitants. Buying it as a souvenir or a gift for someone back home supports local apiculture and offers you a wealth of health benefits. The taste is exquisite, too.

As you hike on the island, you will see manmade hives, especially on the slopes of the Dikaios Mountains. These colourful artificial beehives provide safety for the bees, giving them excellent conditions to live and produce honey without other environmental pressures.

Melissa Koan beekeeping units

Beekeeping units may not be your usual “go to” tourist activity, but you will enjoy the experience when you vacation on Kos Island.

At Melissa in Kefalos, you will get a crash course in Greek beekeeping tradition and taste honey straight from the hive. Other products available at their gift shop include propolis, royal jelly, wax cream, cosmetics, and candles. Visit Melissa to see the working bees in observation hives and stop by the apitherapy house for beehive air therapy. They also have a small cafe serving honey-based sweets and drinks (like rakomelo – a digestive spirit combining raki and honey).

Melissa (Greek for “bee”) has a century-old tradition and commitment to preserving natural beekeeping and honey production. If you decide to visit it, you’ll dive for less than 40 minutes (about 35 kilometres) to reach it. There are many things to see and do in the area, so your day trip will be worth it. Touring Melissa’s premises doesn’t take long, but thoroughly enjoying the experience requires at least a couple of hours, so take your time.

Melissa is the best-known apiary destination on Kos Island. Call +302242072260 to arrange a tour and inquire about their honey workshops.