Summer Hike on Óros Dikaios on Kos

Summer Hike on Óros Dikaios on Kos

Standing 767 meters above sea level, Óros Dikaios is the highest mountain of Kos, with 819 meters at its highest peak. Known in ancient times as Oromedon, Óros Dikaios is an excellent destination for walks and hikes.

Oromedon was a favorite source for marble for the ancient sculptors of Kos. Much of the stone used in ancient architectural landmarks around the island come from quarries on Óros Dikaios too. Some of these ancient marble quarries still dot Kos’ highest peak, Dikaios Christos.

Early summertime is the best time to hike the mountain, on a route starting from Zia village, up to the summit where you will find the Church of Christos Dikaios (Christ the Righteous). This is an orthogonal church with an arched roof and small dome, surrounded by stone cells built in 1079 by a Koan monk named Arsenios Skinouris. But finding the route can be a challenge, as it is not marked on any map. If you are lucky to find a local to guide you to the summit, the hike should take about three hours. It is a medium-difficulty route, passing through wooded areas, with some steep climbs as you approach the peak. You should start early in the morning to avoid the hot midday sun and not to be caught on the mountain by nightfall. Nevertheless, if the dusk catches you at the top of Óros Dikaios, there is a shelter where you can spend the night.

If you plan a whole day on the mountain, carry plenty of water and food as there are no resources on the route. Comfortable shoes and clothing to keep you warm at night are also a must. The views from the summit of Óros Dikaios on Kos are breathtaking and well worth the time and effort. Sunsets are particularly beautiful, but if you want a safer environment to observe them, the Kos Natural Park in Zia Village is a great choice.

Featured image, chapel on Óros Dikaios by Evangelos Meintasis via Wikimedia Commons.