Must See In Kos: Casa Romana

Must See in Kos: Casa Romana

One of the top attractions to see in Kos, Casa Romana or the Roman Manor has been renovated in early 2015 and is now welcoming guests with the “Archaeological exhibition of Casa Romana of Kos,” a permanent display that showcases mosaics dating back to the 3rd century AD, sculptures, coins, pottery, and other artifacts of the Roman period in Kos.

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Kos Watermelons And The Melon Island

Kos Watermelons and the Melon Island

Long ago, Kos was famous for silk and wine, one a defunct industry, the other seeing a revival in recent years, with several wineries popping around the volcanic landscape of the island. And the island is still famous for its melons, which are still sold by the roadside in many villages, and heavily exported to neighborhood European countries.

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