Five Foods You Simply Must Try On Kos Island

Five Foods You Simply Must Try on Kos Island

Kos is a charming Greek island, one of the largest of the Dodecanese, surpassed in size only by Rhodes and Karpathos. As you’d expect from such a destination, the cuisine characteristic to the island is Greek Mediterranean, but the Turkish influence is strong too – due to the island’s proximity to the coast of the ancient region of Caria in Turkey.

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What Is It Like At The Top Of Mount Dikaios?

What Is it Like at the Top of Mount Dikaios?

Kos is mountainous because long before the Dodecanese chain was separated into tiny islands by earthquakes, it was part of the Hellenic–Tauric system, a complex mountain belt that included the volcano of Nisyros, Kalymnos, and Kappari, which are all now stand-alone entities. Mount Dikaios, sometimes referred to as the Dicheo Massif, an important point of interest for mountaineers on the island.

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